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The American Eskimo Dog Breed Explained

American Eskimo Dog

The American Eskimo has many positive attributes, including great balance. When the Barnum and Bailey Circus introduced the world to the idea of a tightrope-walking dog, it was an American Eskimo who crossed the wire for the first time!

Even those of us who aren't interested in having dogs who can double as circus performers find a lot to love in the American Eskimo breed. These gorgeous white dogs have a wonderful temperament and have been bred in a variety of sizes.

It's no wonder that the American Eskimo is such a popular pet! People who've never even been to the circus love and keep American Eskimos. Let's take a look at what generates the love and popularity of this beautiful breed.

History of the American Eskimo Dog Breed

The American Eskimo doesn't have Arctic roots. In reality, this colorfully named breed is a descendant of many Nordic dogs and are a very close relative to the German Spitz breed.

So, how did a German dog end up as the “ American Eskimo”? During the first World War, anti-German sentiment was running high in the United States. The name “German Spitz” was anything but attractive to many, and the dogs were eventually given the kennel name associated with their first American breeders—American Eskimo. The American Eskimo is now recognized as its own breed, but the distinctions between it and the German Spitz are limited.

Over time, the breed's popularity continued to increase. Today, you can find American Eskimo in every type of home environment—and in multiple sizes. This is a testament to its wonderful disposition and its receptivity to training.

Temperament of the American Eskimo Dog Breed

American Eskimo Dog

The American Eskimo is a smart and friendly dog. This is a playful breed that enjoys the company of children and always seems willing to do what it takes to please its master. The always-alert American Eskimo often ranks well in terms of overall obedience and is easy to train.

American Eskimo dogs don't necessarily love strangers at first site, though. In fact, they are a naturally bothered by new people. After an introduction, however, they generally find a way to make a new friend very quickly.

If you're looking for an obedient dog who will be receptive to appropriate training, the American Eskimo is in a class by itself.

Size and Appearance of the American Eskimo Dog Breed

Many have described the American Eskimo as a mini-Samoyed. It's a gorgeous white dog and it comes in multiple sizes.

Answering the question, “how big is an American Eskimo dog” is a tricky proposition because the answer comes in three parts. There are actually three different American Eskimo varieties: standard, miniature and toy.

Standard American Eskimo dogs are usually fifteen to twenty inches tall and weigh between twenty and thirty pounds. The smaller miniature American Eskimo measures around a foot tall and weight between ten and twenty pounds. Toy American Eskimos are usually nine or ten inches in height and barely tip the scales at six to ten pounds.

Health Problems

The American Eskimo isn't a sickly animal, but it is prone to some medical conditions relative to other dog breeds. Hip dysplasia isn't uncommon and retinal atrophy can be a problem. The thick coat of the American Eskimo is beautiful, but it can also harbor fleas, which can produce skin problems. This relative of the German Spitz needs regular exercise to avoid gaining excess weight.

The overall health of the American Eskimo is evidenced in its life span. These dogs often live more than fifteen years.

Training the American Eskimo Dog Breed

American Eskimo Dog

Although a small yard would be optimal, American Eskimo dogs can live healthy and happy lives in an apartment setting if provided with adequate opportunities for exercise and activity.

These dogs will enjoy running off the leash in an enclosed space, but they also require a daily walk. They seem to have a migratory instinct that can only be satisfied with these regular “pack walks”.

The American Eskimo is easily trained, but one must make sure to establish the dog's “rank” in the home. Those dogs who believe they are the leader of the home pack often display frustrating behavior issues including obsessive barking and excessive aggressiveness. A well-trained and exercised American Eskimo, however, can be a wonderful part of the family.

These dogs respond to firm leadership and positive training. Motivational training techniques provide the best results and lessons should be reinforced consistently to raise a dog displaying the very best behavioral traits the breed has to offer.

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