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The Bergamasco Dog Breed Explained

Bergamasco Dog Breed Explained

The Bergamasco (also known as the Romanian Sheepdog) has been around for centuries and its continued popularity is virtually guaranteed. A dog with working roots and an instantly distinguishable coat, the Bergamasco is a friendly and brilliant breed.

Happy with people or by itself, the Bergamasco has a friendly disposition and does very well with children. Those with the space necessary to keep the animal happy may want to consider adding a Bergamasco dog to their family.

History of the Bergamasco Dog

The Bergamasco is not a new breed. In fact, these dogs have been helping humans to raise and tend to livestock since ancient times.

The Bergamasco's roots can be traced back to the cattle and sheep dogs that traveled with nomadic populations across most of the Western world and the Orient.

The Bergamasco spread across the world so effectively because it was traded, along with the animals it protected. It gained a reputation as a wonderful worker and has always been in demand as a result.

Temperament of the Bergamasco Dog

Bergamasco Dog Breed Explained

Bergamasco dogs are smart and have well-rounded personalities. Years of natural selection have produced an incredibly quick-witted animal. The ancestors of the Romanian Sheepdog spent their hours alone, tending to flocks of sheep, and handling a variety of emergencies and problems without human assistance. They're definitely a thinking breed. They're also a breed of action. One should never forget that this dog comes from a working background. They can be very task oriented and seem to relish the opportunity to "be productive".

There's more to the Bergamasco personality than intelligence, though. They've been bred over the years to be non-aggressive and they are an incredibly peaceful animal. They relate well to people and seem to have a particularly strong affinity for children. The Bergamasco is a protective breed, always aware of its environment, making it a credible choice as a watchdog. That might sound strange considering the even disposition of the breed, but a properly trained Bergamasco will protect its space and property with the tenacity of the best guard dog—it's simply a matter of its herding instincts showing through!

Size and Appearance of the Bergamasco Breed

Bergamasco dogs generally measure approximately twenty three inches in height. Males tend to be much heavier than females. An adult male Bergamasco may weigh between seventy and eighty five pounds. Females usually weigh between fifty five and seventy pounds.

The Bergamasco is instantly recognized due to its unique coat. Surprisingly, the three layered coat doesn't require much care after the dog has reached the fully flocked stage. Although some owners undoubtedly feel a compulsion to tinker with the breed's coat, the best-looking specimens of the breed are those who have a naturally-developed and fully-flocked appearance. These adult dogs may have flocks reaching down to the ground!

The Bergamasco does not really shed, but you may occasionally find stray hairs while the dog is transitioning into adulthood. It would, after all, be ridiculous to think that a dog with that much hair would retain every strand!

Health Information Regarding the Bergamasco

The Bergamasco and its predecessors were valued not only because of their talents, but also because of their hardiness. This a very healthy breed, on balance, and does not have any pronounced tendencies toward illnesses or diseases relative to other breeds. The average Romanian Sheepdog can live up to fifteen years.

Training the Bergamasco Dog Breed

Bergamasco Dog Breed Explained

The Bergamasco have a very dense coat, which makes it only natural that they would prefer cooler climates. Those three-layered coats provide a great deal of protection to the animal, and the dog often finds its natural overnight home outdoors. The Romanian Sheepdog is not well-suited for apartment living. Although it can function quite well as an “inside/outside” dog, it does need space of its own - at least a mid-sized yard.

The Bergamasco does need its exercise and a long daily walk is in order. However, if the dog has room to roam on its own property, it will keep itself busy, requiring little additional owner-directed exercise. That doesn't mean that one shouldn't play with his or her Bergamasco - they love games and fun with people.

The Romanian sheep dog can be trained quite effectively. The owner should approach the training process with a positive perspective, using motivational strategies and a steady, but loving hand. When properly trained, the Bergamasco makes a wonderful addition to any family.

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