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Can Heartworm Infection be Treated?

Heartworm infection can be treated through chemical therapy if diagnosed early.

Most of the chemical treatments kill the worms over some period of time.

Killing all the worms in one swoop is no better: If all the heartworms were killed in just one treatment, the dead bodies would deposit in the lungs and kill the dog.

Remember also that the chemicals used in treating the worms are also as dangerous to your dog as the worms.

That is why treating the disease using chemical therapy should be used with utmost care and should be handled by a veterinarian.

There are also cases when surgery is needed.

In most cases, this could be a feasible option. Consult with the veterinarian if surgical correction or any other method that can cure the infection.

There are also drugs that can prevent your dog from getting heartworms. These drugs attack the parasite in its early stages and stop the worms from being full-blown adults later.

This doesn't mean that your dog would be free from infection.

This only means that dogs can still get infected during the season of mosquitoes and yet remain unscathed of heartworms.

Preventative medication using drugs, on the other hand, can cause serious complications if your dog has already heartworm infections in a higher level.

That is why the use of drugs should be under the supervision of veterinarians.

Taking drugs is also combined with regular blood texts. This has shown to be quite effective in saving many dogs with heartworm infection.

In order for your dog to avoid heartworm infection, protect your pet from mosquito bites especially if there is a high mosquito population in your area or if it is mosquito season.

You might want to screen the sleeping quarters of your dogs to avoid repeated bites. Repellent sprays can also be used, but these only have limited effects.

You might also want to consult your vet for preventive medication.

In addition, you might want regular blood tests on your dog to assess early symptoms of infection.

This is quite tricky, especially that the symptoms of heartworm infection could not be seen immediately.

In short, your pet dog which looked healthy may be having early symptoms of heartworm infection.

It would be best that you checked.

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