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Dog Breeds A-Z Site Directory Submission

Dog Breeds Explained is a New Site With a Very High Pedigree

It already sits in the top 500,000 websites in the world (there are more than 160 million websites). Dog breeds explained will become the number one authority website on all dog breeds.

Dog Breeds Explained has multiple websites, blogs, social sites and off world ways to promote dog breed website owners and drive traffic to your website.

Professional Websites that will be considered for a "featured dog site spot" are professionals who are able to share, help and educate people of the breed of dog they own, or wish to own.

Do Not Apply If Your Dog Breed Site Is One of the Following:

Dog Breeders
Dog Products
Dog Sales/Services

At this time, Dog Breeder sites, Sellers, and Product promoting only sites will not be considered for the "featured dog site spots." This is a new feature to Dog Breeds Explained and only contains genuine professional dog websites that share educational information.

Accepted Dog sites get a web page dedicated to your website. You may up-date every 30 days and can link to any page within your site. You may add graphics and images and include a bio. It also entitles you to add relevant articles to promote your website within an exclusive database syndicated to 40,000+ websites for maximum exposure.

Once you're accepted, I will request an article promoting you and your web site for publishing. The article should focus exclusively on the breed, and not include other breeds not connected to yours. Please keep the article to 500 words or less and you may include one link to any web page within your site within the body of the article. Please also include at least one image and no more than 3 images within the body of the article. Please do not directly link to a product or make references to breeding or selling.

An automatic process is underway which will allow you to upload your articles. This will give you free range of how many articles you write, and complete control of what you write and which web page you link to. I also want to allow you to interact with my readers and answer any questions they may have.

Please note: Images must be hosted by your web site and included within your article body. To stay on the featured page you must up-date and add at least 200 words every 30 days.

Your site will be reviewed and you will be notified once the review is completed.

Dog Breeds A-Z Site Directory Submission
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