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Your Dog Examined For A Safer, Longer Healthier Lifespan

Most dog owners try to find this answer in a serious manner.

Whatever the schedule we have for the examination of your dog, if there is any abnormality noticed in your pet, without delay, you need to arrange for your dog to have a thorough clinical examination.

Dog Examined Tips. Start Young For A Healthier Pet.

It can be suggested that even before the purchase of a puppy, you should consult a pet animal care specialist.

Try to understand about the schedules to be maintained for the examination of the animal.

This will help a lot in solving many health related problems in the concerned animal.

How Often Should Your Dog Be Examined?

Though once in two or three months is the general schedule for the examination of the dog, as soon as the puppy is procured the dog needs to be taken to the veterinarian for a thorough examination.

Hence, the health care measures related program will be obtained in time.

Most of the time, the dog is to be taken to the veterinarian at fifth or sixth week of age because in this period only, the vaccinations against diseases will be systematically carried out.

The period of vaccination in the first year will be continued up to the sixteenth week of age and the schedule needs to be maintained accordingly.

However, if you have a pregnant dog, the dog need not be stressed by long distance based transportation for examination purposes.

Consult the veterinarian by phone and try to reduce the travel time for your dog.

However, the veterinary advice needs to be obtained in terms of health maintenance.

If the dog has met with an accident either during travel or during routine movements, the animal needs to be taken to the pet hospital immediately.

Though no disease is evident, it does not mean that the dog is healthy.

There are occasions wherein your canine companion may look like a normal dog but may have some diseases, which can be found out during the routine health check ups.

Hence, the owner has to decide on when to take the dog to the hospital depending on necessity.

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