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Dog Heroes Have Saved Mankind Many Times!

A dog is the only thing on this earth that loves you more than he loves himself.
~Josh Billings (Henry Wheeler Shaw)~

Dog Heroes. All time dog heroes

Dog heroes explained. Barney the presidents dog picture

Everyday, people witness countless acts of heroism, big and small.

Dog heroes, too, come in different shapes and sizes, forms and breeds, man and animals alike.

Dogs, dolphins, seals, horses, cats and whales are just a few from the animal kingdom that display tremendous protective instincts that save man from all sorts of danger.

"But nothing beats the dog as man’s best friend."

Dog are Heroes forever!

After displays of great courage and bravery during World War I, dogs are seen in a different light. They were thrust into the limelight unknowingly.

Since then, dogs have been called all time dog-heroes – recognized, rescued, trained and cared for by man.

All kinds of awards were given to dogs to celebrate their heroism and saving prowess such as the "Dog Hero of the Year Award."

These canine heroes carry on a long line of lifesavers.

They have shown unthinkable acts of saving adults and children alike in grave danger like fire, drowning, road and home accidents, intruders and robbers.

Even in a huge tragedy like 9/11.

The images of heroic dogs finding possible survivors or even lost bodies under rubble and debris in ground zero crushed the hearts of many Americans.

These canine heroes come from all dog breeds, backgrounds and locations. Take note, they are not all pedigreed dogs.

These dog heroes are not at all dominated by big dogs, though they are often used for the purpose of national security.

Dog Breed Heroes vary from:

During the Vietnam War, 4,000 dogs were recruited to assist and protect U.S. troops.

Dogs were honored with preventing an estimate of 10,000 plus American casualties.

At that time, they were considered “surplus armaments”. They were either euthanized or left to their fates in Vietnam.

Now, books and documentaries preserved the memories of countless canines that aided in the protection of mankind.

Today, dogs play an even more critical role in the fight against terrorism.

Dog heroes explained. Bearded collie dog breed picture

The ability of dogs to detect bombs is already proven since World War I.

A German shepherd’s nose has 250 billion smelling cells to give it the ability to detect a target odor amidst all other odors.

Dog breeds do not guarantee a "hero status."

Like men, dogs need a rare set of attributes to stand out: Intelligence, being calm even in the presence of loud noise, focus amidst distractions and a compulsive desire to play with a toy.

After all, the game is to find the scent and get the toy!

All dog breeds are capable of producing genuine heroes.

They are mans, and womans best friend. Treat a dog correctly and they will protect you with their own life.

Dog Heroes Trivia

Almost all surviving war dogs in WWII were returned to their previous owners in the U.S.? Only those that could not be rehabilitated were not returned.

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