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Do Dog Parasites Cause Scooting
"And What Exactly Is Scooting"?

Parasites do cause the scooting.

Scooting is a an anal sac disease. First let's understand what scooting is in detail.

This is the dragging of anus with the hind limbs in an extended state.

Parasites causing irritation in the anus regions lead to such type of actions in animals like dogs.

One should not be under the impression that it is the parasite that alone causes such scooting in dogs.

There are many occasions in which the dog may have the scooting without any parasite based etiological agent.

For example, the anal gland infections, tumors at the anus and injuries near the anal regions also may lead to such type of dragging of anus region, frequently by the affected dogs.

Flea bite allergy often causes irritation at the anus region and the animal may try to bite the anus region.

The irritations due to these factors lead to the final dragging of anus region on the ground. Cestodiasis in dogs is the condition caused by tapeworms.

If the dog parasites are not treated in time, it may be seen exhibiting the scooting activities.

Tapeworm segments passed in the stool create crawling like activities near anus. Such crawling activities of the tapeworm segments lead to severe itching at these regions.

Hence, to make a relief from this type of constant irritation, the animal starts pressing the anus region on the ground first and then tries to drag it on the ground with typical extension of rear limbs.

Usually there is a packet of eggs when the fecal sample is examined by microscope.

However, the flotation technique leads to breakage of these packets to burst and hence, diagnosis is difficult in such occasions. Scooting dogs need to be examined to rule out tapeworm segments, which look like rice like pieces.

Tapeworm segments are white in color and turn yellow when taken from the body.

Tapeworms themselves may be seen in the motion or near anus below the tail regions.

Consult your veterinarian for specific cures for this.

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