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The English Springer Dog Breed Explained

English Springer Dog Breed

The English Springer has been running, jumping and swimming since the Renaissance. Originally a hunting dog, the English Springer is now a popular pet and companionship breed.

These friendly, high-energy dogs require committed owners to reach their full potential.

When it's provided, it becomes hard to imagine a happier or more loyal pet.

History of the English Springer Dog

The English Springer date back to the Renaissance and the wonderful animal has been in America since the dawn of the eighteenth century!

Although most of today's English Springers find their calling in homes as pets, that wasn't always the case. The English Springer was bred as a hunting dog and excels in that vocation. In fact, the English Springer earned its name from its successful hunting style, “springing” forward to flush out game birds. If you're looking for a hunting companion, the English Springer is an excellent choice. If you're looking for family pet or companion, it won't let you down, either.

English Springers have been successfully trained in a variety of “work dog” occupations, a testament to their trainability. They sometimes make their way into therapeutic environments, popular due to their bubbly personalities and unrivaled friendliness.

Temperament of the English Springer Dog Breed

English Springer Dog Breed

English Springers tend to be kind, gentle animals. They're well-known for their friendliness, which in combination with impressive intelligence makes them a fine choice for pets. English Springers love children and interact with them quite nicely.

Unlike some breeds, the English Springer actually seems to be at its best when sharing company with humans. In fact, the English Springer's enjoyment of human company can occasionally cause problems. If left alone for too long, they can bark a great deal and may be prone to “tearing up” the house. This is something potential Springer owners must be cognizant of. The English Springer is not a “some days” kind of pet—they are a breed that requires regular and significant time with humans to reach its full potential.

English Springers sometimes argue amongst themselves. That's especially true between Springers of the same sex. Overall, however, they work and play well with other animals (although pet birds may not be their favorites). Regardless of your household's composition, an English Springer should fit in quite nicely!

Size and Appearance of the English Springer

The English Springer is a long-eared dog of average size. They tend to grow to heights of around twenty inches and usually weigh in between forty and fifty pounds. As is the case with most every dog breed, males are slightly larger than females. They're an attractive breed with an appearance that exudes great physicality and an outstanding personality.

Health Information Regarding the English Springer

English Springer Dog Breed

English Springers are, by and large, healthy dogs. They do, however, have slightly pronounced tendencies toward a handful of specific health problems. English Springers do experience epilepsy and the blood disorder known as PFK more often than some other breeds. As is true with many medium-sized dogs, hip dysplasia can be a problem. Springers usually live for between twelve and fifteen years, although obesity can significantly reduce life spans.

Weight is an important factor in their health. English Springers have healthy appetites and its incumbent upon owners of the breed to provide adequate exercise opportunities. If this doesn't happen, unhealthy weight gain is a possibility.

Training the English Springer Dog

English Springers are flexible pets, capable of living in urban or rural conditions. Their adaptability, however, is contingent upon getting enough exercise and physical activity. These tail-waggers are active animals and owners must commit to providing them with a healthy outlet for their natural energies. Springers love to play “fetch” games, to run off the leash and to swim. Owners should do their best to give these high-energy animals plenty of playtime.

Traditional positive training methods are usually quite successful with English Springers. The dogs are quick learners who seem to have a natural longing to meet owner expectations. However, English Springers may become somewhat difficult as they grow up. They need a great deal of attention and positive training during this time. Assuming it’s provided, they will grow up to be loyal and obedient dogs.

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