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The Finnish Spitz Dog Breed Explained

Finnish Spitz Dog Breed

The Finnish Spitz is legendary in its "native" land, but has a reputation that stretches well past Finland. The Finnish Spitz is known for its hunting talents, but it also has a knack for warming the hearts of people.

In other words, you don't need to have a bit of Finnish ancestry to appreciate this beautiful fox-like breed. A detailed look at some of this wonderful breed's traits and tendencies will make it clear as to why so many people have fallen in love with the Finnish Spitz.

History of the Finnish Spitz Dog Breed

Over two thousand years ago, hunting tribes from what is now known as Finland made the southern trek to Central Russia. While traversing the area near the Volga River, the tribes discovered this breed of dog and brought it back to their homes. It was an excellent hunter and a wonderful companion. It's reputation, and the Finnish people's appreciation for the breed, grew over time.

Today, the Finnish Spitz is nothing short of a symbol of the nation of Finland. It's officially classified as the nation's official dog and even warrants references in the nation's patriotic songs.

The Finnish Spitz has found a home outside of Finland due to its well-honed hunting skills and pleasant disposition. This may be Finland's dog, but it's also a favorite among families all over the world.

Temperament of the Finnish Spitz Dog Breed

Finnish Spitz Dog Breed

Finnish Spitz dogs are active, lively and attentive. They're well-known for their hunting skills but also make great pets due to their sunny disposition. They do well with people of all ages and are generally a joy to be around. Occasionally, male Finnish Spitzes can be aggressive with other dogs, but they are almost always friendly and agreeable with people.

If you're looking for a dog with hunting skills and "people skills", the Finnish Spitz is a natural choice. There are a few dogs that offer such a great combination of character traits. Even those who have no intention of hunting will find a friend in the Finnish Spitz. They're a friendly, attractive dog that will keep you happy and busy.

Size and Appearance of the Finnish Spitz Dog Breed

The Finnish Spitz is an absolute eye-pleaser. It's muzzle comes to a point and it has a beautiful golden double coat. Many compare the breed's appearance to that of a large, beautiful fox!

The double-layered coat of the Finnish Spitz doesn't require a great deal of attention or care. The coat is "self-cleaning" and the owner needs only to maintain the animal's fur with regular brushing and combing. When you see the attractive coat, it's almost hard to believe that maintaining its appearance and health is so simple.

The Finnish Spitz usually measures between fifteen and twenty inches in height and will generally weight between thirty and thirty five pounds. As is the case with so many breeds, males tend to be slightly larger than females.

Health Information Regarding the Finnish Spitz Dog Breed

There is nothing particularly unique about the health needs of the Finnish Spitz. Overall, it is a healthy breed with an average life expectancy ranging from twelve to fifteen years. This breed is no more susceptible to common ailments than any other variety and, with proper care, is likely to live a healthy and full life.

Training the Finnish Spitz Dog Breed

Finnish Spitz Dog Breed

If one were to choose one adjective to describe the Finnish Spitz, the perfect choice might be "lively". This is an active breed that enjoys play and activity whenever possible. These are playful, friendly and slightly demanding dogs. They do well when they receive attention and seem to long for regular human companionship.

That's part of what makes the breed an excellent pet choice. That same tendency also brings with it a few challenges for owners. Although this lively dog is completely capable of great behavior, it does require a great deal of attention, patience, consistency and effort in training. Obedience training should always be positive in nature and is most effective when based on motivational concepts.

Finnish Spitzes tend to do best when they have consistent contact with their people. It can be difficult for them to spend time alone and some “acting up” is possible when that occurs, even in otherwise well-trained examples of the breed.

The Finnish Spitz can function effectively in smaller environments if it's given enough exercise. That means that even apartment-dwellers can consider ownership of this beautiful breed. The dogs do, however, require a great deal of exercise and play. Long walks or runs are absolutely essential on a daily basis.

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