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Why Do You Love That Dog?

Child and Puppy

Every breed of dog has something about it that makes it unique or interesting.

People are naturally drawn to different types of dogs for all sorts of different reasons.

Dog owners have even chosen a particular kind of dog for something as simple as liking the colour or the size.

Whatever it is that draws you to a certain breed of dog, make sure you have enough information so that you know what you are really letting yourself in for.

Which Type Of Dog Is Perfect For You?

Dog breeds explained - A full listing of all dog breeds.

Most Popular Dogs As Pets

Labrador Retrievers | Golden Retriever | German Shepherd | Dachshund | Beagle |
Poodle | Chihuahua | Rottweiler | Yorkshire Terrier | Boxer | Akita Inu | Chow Chow | German Short Haired Pointer | Jack Russel Terriers | Kerry Blue Terrier

Most Popular Breeds As Pets

Sporting  |  Herding  |  Working  |  Terrier  |  Toy Dog  |  Non-Sporting

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Top 6 Most Popular Dog Breeds

Irish Setter - Sporting Dog

Australian cattle dog - Herding Dog

Bullmastiff - Working Dog

American Staffordshire Terrier - Terrier Dog Breed

Pekingese - Toy Dog

Bichon Frise - Non Sporting Dog

Most Popular
Family Dogs

Gun dog. Labrador Retriever picture

Golden retriever dog breed picture

German shepherd dog breed picture


Beagle dog breed picture

Standard Poodle Dog Breed Picture

Chihuahua dog breed picture

Rottweiler dog breed picture

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed Picture

Boxer dog breed picture

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