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Non Sporting Dog Breed Explained

The non sporting breed of dogs is often under debate from different official dog classifications.

They are as diverse and as different as all the other breed groups.

Most non sporting dogs are also considered companion dogs, and some are used as herding, as well as guard dogs.

This diversity within the non sporting bred of dogs covers many different types, from the very small to the very large, including the famous Bulldog to the very rare, and unknown Tibetan Spaniel.

Non Sporting Dog - American Eskimo Dog

The many different functions of this group of dogs covers a vast array of dissimilar types, including lap dogs, hunting dogs and the much sought after guard dog breed.

It would also be accurate to suggest that the non sporting Group no longer perform many of the skills they were originally bred for.

The non sporting breed of dog can vary in every imaginable way, from temperament to size, which also include their features and even their coats. There is no consolidative base with the non sporting group of dogs.

Times, styles, fashions and even different societies throughout the history of the non sporting group have changed many times and conciquently, they have become diverse. At one time they were used as entertainment dogs to please the crowd, including bear baiting as well as bull baiting.

The Non Sporting Breed has carried out many different functions and it is therefore not always possible to detail every task carried out.

Each non sporting breed, in the beginning, would have been introduced and strengthened by breeding with other dog breeds who already presented the desirable traits. Breeding for visual aspect was probably introduced in the early 19th Century. Prior to this, non sporting dogs would have been bred to increase their helpfulness for the functions and tasks they were originally intended for.

An example of some of the functions of the non sporting breed of dog include:

  • Bichon Frise Dog Breed Picture - Non-Sporting Dog Breed
  • Bull Baiting

  • Coach Dog

  • Circus Performers

  • Guarding duties

  • Hunting game birds

  • Hunting waterfowl

  • Hunting small game

  • Truffle hunting

Although most non sporting dogs no longer carry out the functions they were originally intended for, they still have the inbred skills and characteristics within them, which is often noted by their owners.

Although some of the non sporting dog are small, they are usually catorgirized as medium to large sized dogs and are known to make popular family companions.

The list of non sporting dog types include:

Non Sporting Dog - American Eskimo


American Eskimo Dog


Bichon Frise
Boston Terrier


Chinese Shar-pei
Chow Chow



Non Sporting Dog - Dalmation


Finnish Spitz
French Bulldog




Lhasa Apso


Standard Poodle

Chow Chow Dog Breed Picture


Shiba Inu


Tibetan Spaniel
Tibetan Terrier

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