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Pug Dog Breed Explained

Is the Lovable Pug Dog Breed the Right Breed for You?

If you've seen Men In Black or Milo and Otis, you probably have fallen in love with the charming Pugs who acted in these movies.

While the distinctive appearance of this breed may be the first thing that attracts people to the Pug Dog Breed, it is the Pug's personality that wins the lifelong devotion of dog fanciers.

Pug Dog Breed Explained in brief.

The American Kennel Club classifies the Pug as a member of the Toy Group.

Pugs weigh in at fourteen to eighteen pounds.

Their distinctive squashed face and curly tails gives them a slightly pig like appearance.

Pugs come in silver, black, or beige colors with a black mask.

Pug Dog Breed Picture

They have broad chests and are very muscular despite their small size.

Pugs have a reputation for being so good natured that people can literally walk on them.

However, don't let this breed's laid back attitude fool you. This dog will turn from a lover to a fighter in an instant if an intruder threatens his human.

Pugs are wonderful with children and other pets.

In fact, Pugs have been known to perform feats such as gently carrying an escaped parakeet to his owner without disturbing even a feather.

However, Pugs are more likely to cause allergies than some other breeds. Pugs and children with allergy induced asthma are not a good combination.

Pugs are perfectly content to live in apartments or town homes.

Although the Pug doesn't require a lot of exercise, you should be sure he stays in shape to keep him healthy.

A daily walk around the block should be enough exercise, but he will be happy to walk much further, as well.

Just be sure that you use a harness on your Pug instead of a collar, as these dogs don't need to develop problems with their windpipes, since they already have pushed in noses.

While Pugs can learn obedience, these little guys aren't the fastest learners.

Your Pug may not learn to sit or heel as fast as other breeds. However, once he learns he will be extremely proud of himself.

You may want to try attending puppy obedience classes with your Pug. If he just can't grasp the commands, try again when he is a few months older.

Pugs love food. They are happy to eat whatever you give them and will learn undignified tricks if you reward them with treats.

Pug Dog Breed Health

You should make every effort to limit your Pug's food intake, since these dogs can suffer from knee problems, which grow worse if the dog is overweight.

Pugs can also suffer from Demodectic mange and frequently receive eye injuries.

If you want a dog breed that does not need much grooming, a Pug dog breed is ideal. Just brush through your dog's coat once a week to remove loose hair and dirt.

You also should keep an eye on his face wrinkles to be sure the creases do not begin to smell or develop bacteria.

If you want a dog breed that is all heart and you don't mind him snoring and snorting in your ear all night, then a Pug may be the perfect choice for you.

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