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Selecting A Dog Breeder

"Follow the rules:   Discover why Selecting a dog breeder is vital for a happy life."

Dogs are considered as man's best friend.

Deciding to own one whether it is big or small involves a lot of responsibility.

It is not just about feeding it but includes other chores such as grooming, watching its health and diet, cleaning up after it.

And most importantly, giving it some tender loving care.

There are many places one can get a dog such as a kennel or the pet store.

However, if you want to get a purebred dog, you must seek a reputable dog breeder to get the best results.

Selecting a dog breeder depends on the breed.

Professional dog breeders do not breed frequently.

Select the right breeder. Bullmastiff dog breed picture.

They will only do so when a pair is found to be healthy and with a temperament that will insure the birth of also healthy offspring.

Dog breeders will also breed only when a sufficient number of homes have been evaluated and deemed appropriate.

Given that there is no standard as to what a standard breeder is, you should do research by asking people and interviewing as many dog breeders as possible before making a decision.

There are many categories of the type of breeders in the market and by knowing which one is the best and understanding the consequences.

This will make all the difference of the type of offspring that will be produced.

The ideal dog breeder should have the pair of dogs tested for every possible disease.

Which should also include all the information regarding the pairs ancestors and health records on file.

Selecting a Dog Breeder Explained

Should a dog breeder find no problem in the history of the pair, you must still ask details to be sure.

This is one sign that shows the breeder the interest of a potential owner of such a magnificent and smart animal.

You can also ask the people who have be given offsprings in the past to check if there were any problems since the breeder maintains a close relationship with these dog owners.

Reputable dog breeders have certain requirements that you must have before qualifying as a potential dog owner.

These are usually in the form of written contracts or guarantees with a spay or neuter requirement that limits the registration of the puppies.

This is done both for the protection of the owner as well to control a possible overpopulation problem.

The person who wants a dog must have a secured backyard and attend certain classes such a puppy kindergarten to be familiar with the challenges you will face come the time the dog has been given.

The requirements needed by the dog breeder is not to delay the process.

This is what makes responsible breeders different from others who are not - since these people are not concerned about the health or welfare of the dogs but are just in it to earn money.

Once a person is able to find the ideal dog breeder, the waiting does not end there.

Since the demand for the breeders dogs are well sought after due to the selective nature of the breeding practices.

The newborn pups will still have to be raised with the breeder and will only be released when a number of pre-screened homes have been found.

If you do all the research, it is possible that you will qualify as part of that list.

Selecting a dog breeder advice

Selecting a dog breeder. Chihuahua dog breed picture

One of the most critical factors in identifying a good dog breeder aside from the health and food given, is the condition of the mother after birth and how well are the puppies taken cared of.

The best way to do this is if the dog breeder is just nearby so you can visit the place from time to time and monitor the condition of the puppies.

Another good quality of a responsible dog breeder is the voluntary assistance provided to the owners of the puppies.

If the placement of the puppy did not work out as hoped with a certain owner, the breeder can require the person to return the puppy and provide it with a better home.

The life of the puppies is the responsibility of the breeder throughout the dog’s life.

We’ll take a more in-depth look in the next chapter where we will discuss the pros and cons of purebred as opposed to a mutt.

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Selecting a dog breeder. Boxer dog picture
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