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Spaying Your Female Dog.
How Important Is Spaying And Is It Really Necessary?

Spaying your female dog is undertaken to control the unwanted pregnancy by crossing of some unknown or non-descript dogs.

The spaying of your female dog reduces aggressiveness.

By spaying your female canine, one can reduce the incidences of the commonly encountered reproductive diseases like pyometra.

Spaying your dog also helps to control the population in case of stray animals.

Many nations are doing these operations by removing the ovaries from the female dogs.

Experienced veterinarians are required to do the spaying in case of female dogs and the postoperative care is to be given more emphasis.

If proper control measures are not taken after the surgical operation for the removal of ovary, then the infections may start setting in.

Your female dog may end up in development of peritonitis and then toxemia sets in, causing unwanted health problems.

Death of the dog may finally occur, if the dog is not provided an effective and proper veterinary care.

A female dog that is spayed before the occurrence of first heat will have almost a zero chance of development of mammary cancer.

Mammary cancer is normally more common with female dogs that are not spayed. A female dog generally comes to heat once in eight months or so.

During the heat occurrence, there is bleeding from the vagina and the dog may cross with the unwanted male and the spaying activity prevents all these problems.

In case of aged dogs, the dog may often get signs of increased thirst, anorexia, vomiting etc. that are so common with pyometra.

Why Some Owners Insist Of Spaying A Female Dog

Pyometra means the presence of pus in the uterus.

Once pyometra occurs, it involves many discomforts to your dog, in addition to the cost factor involved for the therapy.

Such pyometra is totally prevented by spaying your female dog because in the case of spaying, you are removing both ovaries and the uterus.

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