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Terrier Dog Breed Explained

"The terrier is a group of dog initially bred for hunting."

Terrier Dog Breed

Their ancestors were bred to hunt and kill vermin. Many Terrier's continue to project the attitude that they're always eager for a spirited argument.

The majority of Terrier have wiry coats that require special grooming known as stripping in order to maintain a characteristic appearance.

Most of these breed were developed in the British Isles. They were used to control rats, rabbits, and foxes both over and under the ground.

Some larger terrier were also used to hunt badgers. In fact, the word terrier comes from the Middle French terrier and before that the Latin terra, meaning earth.

Terrier Dog Breed - American Staffordshire Terrier

The gameness of the terrier dog breed was exploited by using them in so-called sporting contests. Initially, terriers competed in events such as clearing a pit of rats.

The dog that was fastest in killing all the rats won. Bull Terriers, in particular, were developed as fighting dogs.

Today, most terriers are kept as companion dogs and make great family pets.

They are generally loyal and affectionate to their owners but can be "big characters" requiring a firm hand.

Terrier Group is also an official breed grouping for most of the major kennel clubs, including the AKC, ANKC, CKC, Fédération Cynologique Internationale, KC(UK), NZKC, and UKC.

Terrier dog breeds can be divided into different types and groups, such as:

Pitbull terrier

Hunting or working terriers - Still used to find, track, or trail quarry, especially underground, and sometimes to bolt the quarry.

These dogs are usually of mixed breeding or of breeds not recognized as pure breeds.

Show terriers - Rarely used for their original working purpose but are bred for the show ring or as companion dogs. Many of these breeds are excellent family pets and also perform in dog agility trials.

Toy terrier - Bred "down" from larger terriers, these terriers are shown in the Toy or Companion group. Included among

Fighting Terriers - The Bull and Terrier types, of which the modern Bull Terrier is one, were originally combinations of bulldogs and terriers as general mixed breed pit dogs.

In the late 1800s, they were refined into separate breeds that combined terrier and bulldog qualities.

Fell terriers - breeds developed in northern England to assist in the killing of foxes.

Hunt terriers - breeds developed in southern England to locate and kill or bolt foxes during a traditional mounted fox hunt.

In general, terriers make engaging pets, but require owners with the determination to match their dogs' lively characters. While usually small, these dogs are brave and tough with a lively, energetic, and almost hyperactive personality.

Terrier Dog Breed Explained

Listed below are the breeds in the terrier group.

Terrier Dog Breed - Airedale Terrier


Airedale Terrier
American Pit Bull Terrier
American Staffordshire Terrier
Australian Silky Terrier
Australian Terrier


Bedlington Terrier
Black Russian Terrier
Brazilian Terrier
Border Terrier
Boston Terrier
Bull Terrier
Bull Terrier (Miniature)
Terrier Dog Breed - Cairn Terrier


Cairn Terrier
Cesky Terrier


Dandie Dinmont Terrier


Fox Terrier (Smooth)
Fox Terrier (Wire)
Glen of Imaal Terrier


American Stafford Terrier Dog Breed Picture

Indian Bull Terrier
Irish Terrier


Jack Russell Terrier


Kerry Blue Terrier


Terrier dog explained. Border terrier dog picture

Lakeland Terrier
Lucas Terrier


Manchester Terrier
Miniature Schnauzer


Norfolk Terrier
Norwich Terrier

Terrier dog breeds explained. Fox terrier dog picture


Parson Russell Terrier
Pit Bull Terrier
Plummer Terrier


Rat Terrier
Russian Toy Terrier

Terrier dog breeds. Jack russell dog picture


Scottish Terrier
Sealyham Terrier
Silky Terrier
Skye Terrier
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Taco Terrier
Tenterfield Terrier
Tibetan Terrier

Terrier dog breed explained. Yorkshire terier dog picture


Welsh Terrier
West Highland White Terrier
Wheaten Terriers


Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed

Terrier Dog Breed Trivia

  • A working terrier is a terrier that goes to ground in a natural earth against formidable quarry.
  • Terriers that rat or bush rabbits or work wild game in brush piles or barns are not working terriers, but "sporting terriers", a term that encompasses a wide variety of work not done underground.
  • In the world of working terriers, there are but two roots – colored dogs from the north (Scotland and Wales), and white dogs from the south (England). From these two roots spring a variety of Kennel Club dogs and every type of working terrier commonly found in the field today.

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Terrier Dog Breed - Border Terrier More About Terrier Dog Breed

More About Terrier Dog Breed

Terrier Dog Breed - Jack Russell Terrier Related Terrier Dog Breed Info

Related Terrier Dog Breed Info

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