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German Shepherds are my passion and have been for years.

Having owned (and been owned by), lived with and bred these dogs for well over 30 years.

I can honestly tell you that the German Shepherd Dog is perfect for me and this is the very reason I wanted to create my sites:
to share my knowledge, expertise and passion with other German Shepherd fanciers, and with other dog lovers in general.

Here's a tidbit for you. Did you know that:

  •    there are more than 400 dog breeds worldwide?
  •    dogs come in more shapes and sizes than any other single type of mammal on the planet?
  •    there are more than 400 MILLION dogs worldwide (making there 1000's of times more dogs than wolves)?

As a result of this, I built my site devoted to all things German Shepherd, Total German Shepherd.

As a German Shepherd owner, you own one of the greatest potential athletes in the dog world.

Well rounded, these dogs were created on the premise that the dog be versatile, athletic, courageous and mentally sound to excel in any activity in which they participated.

Before taking your dog to the next level however, it is best to first make sure that your dog is physically fit by your veterinarian. Your vet will check your dog's overall health and well being as well as it's lungs, heart and joints for any potential problems.

German Shepherd health is one area over which you have a lot of control.

dog breeds explained. german shepherd dog breed picture

Long prized for its elegance, intelligence, loyalty, versatility and working abilities, the GSD can be a very stoic animal that will play and work hard through a lot of pain and not easily show any underlying health problems.

It often takes a sharp and observant owner to know whether or not his or her dog is suffering from any type of pain or illness.

There is no reason any German Shepherd should suffer from any pain, disease or illness. It is the owners responsibility to keep the dog in great condition and healthy by: feeding him a good and healthy diet, brushing his teeth often as possible, grooming him regularly and giving your dog plenty of exercise and attention to keep him healthy.

Another way of keeping tabs on your German Shepherd Dog's health is by performing a weekly home German Shepherd health exam. This will help you spot many of the common German Shepherd health problems before they become serious.

Here’s another tidbit for you. Did you know that:

  •    the German Shepherd breed itself is only just over 100 years old, having been developed almost entirely in the 1900s?
  •    the German Shepherd, according to litter and individual dog registrations, is one of the most popular and numerous breeds of dog in the world?
  •    according to the author of "The Intelligence of Dogs", that the German Shepherd Dog ranks as the 3rd most intelligent dog breed of all in the world?

dog breeds explained. german shepherd dog breed picture

Would you like to learn even more about the German Shepherd Dog?

I have even written a book about the GSD. If interested, you can find it at:

If you're yearning to learn even more please about the German Shepherd dog, please visit my website at:
Total German Shepherd.


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